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Microsoft word Shortcut Key

Microsoft word
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Microsoft Word is the best of the World document application software. You cannot find any organization in the world who don’t use MS Word. It is used for writing design blogging documentaries and others.
if you want to use it very fastly your must need to know the shortcut key. It is the asset of data entry adep so you don’t use it without permission. So Please Don’t Copy this content .

Microsoft word Shortcut Key

Name Short cut key
Save the file Ctrl+S
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Center Ctrl+E
Justify Ctrl+J
Left Ctrl+L
Right Ctrl+R
Font Size Small Ctrl+]
Font Big Small Ctrl+[
New File Open Ctrl+N
Open a saved file Ctrl+O
Print preview Ctrl+F2
Print Ctrl+P
Find Ctrl+F
Save as F12
Close the active Document Ctrl+W
See the correction of the last four places Alt+Ctrl+ Z
Going to the place of the previous correction Ctrl+PageUp
Going to the place of the next correction Ctrl+PageDown
Delete a character from the left Backspace
Delete a word from the left CtrlÊ+ Backspace
Delete a word from the right CtrlÊ+ Delete
Cancel / undo the last task Ctrl+ Z
Copy the front of the header or footer Alt+Shift +R
Just paste the formatting Ctrl + Shift + V
Page break Ctrl + Enter
Start a new line in a paragraph Shift +Enter
Insert the copyright symbol Alt + Ctrl + C
Insert the registered trademark symbol Alt+Ctrl+R
Insert the trademark symbol Alt+Ctrl+T
Select a letter on the right Shift+ Right Arrow
Select a letter on the left Shift+Left Arrow
Select at the end of the line Shift+End
Select at the beginning of the line Shift+ Home
Select the end of the paragraph Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow
Select until the beginning of the paragraph Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow
Going to the very beginning of a document Ctrl+Shift+Home
Going to the very end of a document Ctrl+Shift+End
Select the Hole document Ctrl+ A
The next cell in the table can be selected and a new row can be created. Tab
Select the previous cell of the table Shift+Tab
Select the whole table Alt+5 on the Numeric Keypad(with Num Lock off)
Select the whole column from the top cell Shift+Alt+Page Down
Select the entire column from the cell below Shift+Alt+Page Up
Reduce the hanging indent Ctrl+Shift+T/ Ctrl+Shift+M
To give that symbol alt+0215
To give that symbol alt+0247

Microsoft word

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Microsoft word
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Microsoft word Shortcut Key

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